Product Update - v23.10

Details of the product update v23.10 from 9th of March 2023.

New Features

Integration flow “Scheduling” changes are now - autosaved

Changes to the cron scheduling of a flow are now saved automatically instead of requiring Users to hit ‘Save’.


Transform UI for “Implement” menu of Flow-designer to React

The Implement screen displays the flow definition. This screen is now updated to our new style and will be more responsive.


Improve “Generate Stub Sample” functionality

We enable option alwaysFakeOptionals and disable fillProperties in json-schema-faker library, which is used by the Generate Stub Sample button on UI

Fixed Bugs

  • FIXED bug, where “container could not be located when the pod was terminated” errors in executions. Additional sporadic bugs related to ‘hanging’ or not starting flows are also addressed with this change.

Please note that clients utilising outdated components may still experience sporadic issues. These issues will be resolved by updating to the most recent versions of the connector.


Shopify Admin V2 component 2.2.0

  • ADDED Return Full Response checkbox for Get New and Updated Objects Polling Trigger and Lookup Objects (plural) Action
  • FIXED Error There can be only one argument named "after" in Get New and Updated Objects Polling trigger

AWS SQS component 1.1.2

  • ADDED High load performance information section