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SSH session during the component pushing

How to keep your SSH sessions from disconnecting while pushing a component?

During the component deployment, all the necessary package dependencies are downloaded from the external resources. This is to ensure that the version of the package you have in your package.json is exactly the one that you indicate.

The process of downloading the dependencies depends on the connectivity with the external resources and when a particularly big resource is being downloaded can take more than a minute or so. Since the connection between you and our server is maintained via SSH then this kind of long period can cause for the server to break the connection and failure of your deployment process:

fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly

What is happening here is the SSH connection is not receiving any updates and after some time the connection is dropped. To prevent this from happening the local SSH configuration can be used to send regular enquiries telling the server to keep the connection alive.

The configuration file is located in the local SSH setup directory .ssh/config. If the file does not exist it needs to be created and the following lines to be added:

host *
    ServerAliveInterval 30
    TCPKeepAlive yes

These lines tell the SSH to automatically send a no-op null packet every 30 seconds (ServerAliveInterval) so that the server won’t disconnect you. TCPKeepAlive is set to yes to indicate that the TCP connections should not be dropped.